Everything You Need To Know About Lean Protein

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Chalk it up to the ever-intensifying paleo craze (or maybe the golden age of bacon we're currently experiencing) — humans across the globe are eating more meat than ever before. And, we can't say we blame them: The health benefits of protein consumption are both numerous and well-documented. Obviously, we all know you need it to build muscle (and, well, survive), but protein is also necessary for proper metabolic function and heart health — and it keeps you fuller, longer. Win-win, right?
Of course, all protein is not created equal, and while that bacon cheeseburger is indeed packing a great deal of the good stuff, high levels of saturated fat keep it from being a solid nutritional choice. Fortunately for us all, the experts at Everyday Health have broken down the best and worst protein sources to help you minimize excess fat consumption and maximize overall health.
Though some of these tips will definitely sound familiar (we all know that eating some fish is essentially a no-brainer), others may surprise you. For example, it turns out that just one serving of beans, one of the most unromantic (and underrated) of plant protein sources, has twice the protein as a glass of milk. And, forget the negative hype about your morning egg habit. High protein plus a good balance of saturated and unsaturated fats? We're feeling an omelette renaissance coming on.
Click through to Everyday Health for the full rundown. (Everyday Health).

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