Healthy Winter Drink Recipes To Warm You Up

Locolat7Photographed By Audrey Melton.
What's that? Oh, just the sound of our teeth chattering. It's getting cold outside and we're craving something warm, sweet, and maybe just a little bit indulgent. But, there's just one problem — that peppermint mocha we love so much? Over 300 calories. Eggnog? A single cup contains over a third of your daily recommended intake of saturated fat. And, that pumpkin spice latte is the scariest by far — a 16-ouncer packs almost 400 calories and just under 50 grams of sugar. At this point, we're way past "a bit indulgent" — we're talking major splurge territory.
Fortunately for us (and our ever-tightening jeans), Everyday Health has rounded up a bunch of extra healthful versions of your holiday favorites. Their peppermint mocha uses peppermint extract, rather than flavored syrup, to trim down those calorie counts, while their pumpkin spice latte calls for real pumpkin purée and a combination of spices to maximize flavor while minimizing fat and sugar. Our favorite? Probably the eggnog, which is actually an easy-to-make custard using skim milk, eggs, and corn starch — it's a perfect substitute for the stroke-inducing ingredients in your regular nog.
Drooling yet? Click through to Everyday Health for the full roundup. (Everyday Health)

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