Joe Jonas Tells Us What It’s Really Like Being In A Boy Band

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Joe Jonas has a few things he'd like to get off his chest — and, luckily, New York magazine is giving him a platform. This week's issue features a candid and insightful first-person essay by the middle Jonas Brother, in which he comes clean about losing his virginity, smoking weed with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, and struggling with his boy-band reputation. In other words, Disney execs are probably freaking out right now.
Just a month after the Jonas Brothers announced their breakup, the 24-year-old heartbreaker is sharing his side of the story, warts and all. According to him, the brothers' varying musical tastes and priorities incited tensions within the band, and a professional split was viewed as the "right, healthy way for us to be good as a family."
Much of the essay addresses the truth behind the boys' squeaky-clean image, a reputation reinforced by their Disney show ("[it was] weird slapstick humor that only a 10 year old would laugh at," he says. "I had to shave every day because they wanted me to pretend like I was 16 when I was 20"). And then there were the purity rings, which were mocked by Russell Brand and others. Jonas admits losing his virginity at age 20 and fooling around with an unnamed Disney star in a car, constantly worried that being caught would ruin his career.
For more bombshells, including the time he lit up with Miley Cyrus, saw then-girlfriend Demi Lovato punch another girl and get sent to rehab, and his hookups with fans, read the story in its entirety. The singer may catch flack for telling tales out of school, but it's pretty refreshing to see a celebrity getting real about the pressures of fame. (New York)

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