Shocker: Uggs Aren't Going Anywhere

uggembedPhoto: Courtesy of UGG Australia.
It's been 84 years, and we can still smell the fresh fleece. Or, at least, it feels like four score or more years ago when Uggs first debuted, bringing joy and sweaty-footed comfort to middle schoolers and moms alike. Now, most folks (in fashion or elsewhere) have tired of the style. Right?
Nay, dear reader. Turns out, the much-maligned boots were still in the top five most-searched items on Google Shopping this Black Friday. What's more, they were the number one search term in the fashion category, followed by "The North Face" and "Nike Air Jordan Retro Sneakers." That's the status as reported by The Huffington Post as of midday Friday.
Taking a look at previous years, there are two interesting things worth noting: This year, while searches for Uggs, though still prominent, were lower than previous Black Fridays. And, in general, UK Googlers seem to be more interested in the boots than their American counterparts.
Well, England, you can have them. Good luck with that. (The Huffington Post)
For those (rightfully) concerned about animal cruelty, we would note: If you are among the shoppers looking for a pair of Ugg-like boots, there are vegan options out there. We'd recommend these over at Moo Shoes, or this pair from Zappos' excellent selection of vegan footwear.

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