New Sherlock Trailer Drastically Improves Mondays Worldwide

You silly goose! You thought today would be boring. You thought you'd mope around the office, bleary eyed and wondering why you bothered to get out of bed. Well, now you have a reason. A reason that will keep you getting out of bed for months to come. His name is Sherlock. He's very handsome. And, he is here to charm the pants right off you in the second trailer for season 3.
Of course, one John Watson may not be as easily convinced. After all, it's apparently been two years since Sherlock you-know-what'ed his own you-know-what (got to be careful of spoilers). John is mad and his mustache is even madder. Oh, the drama!
Americans will have to wait until January 19 for the official premiere, but ye Brits can get it first on New Year's Day. If you're not too hungover, that is.
Originally published on November 24: Between Star Trek Into Darkness and The Fifth Estate, we Cumberbitches can't exactly complain about Benedict Cumberbatch being MIA, because he hasn't. Given the choice, though, we'd much rather see our quirky British crush in crime-solving, scarf-wearing mode than playing a baddie or wearing an awful wig.
Naturally, we're over the moon (and a lil' bit flushed) to see the season three trailer for Sherlock, which returns to PBS Masterpiece on January 19 after a very, very long hiatus. Fans will be happy to note that our hero, Holmes, survived his plummet from a tall building after last season's tangle with Moriarty. Yes, the eccentric detective is alive and well, wool coat and curls intact, though it seems his fake death has caused poor Watson to go gray.
Welcome back, boys. Next time, think of us before you go off and make big Hollywood blockbusters, won't you?

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