Miley Cyrus Has A Very Graphic Christmas Message For You

Photo: Via @thelovemagazine.
What, you thought that because Miley Cyrus likes pictures of kittens, she'd suddenly start calming down? Hahahahahahahaha. Sigh.
No, it seems that the ghost of Hannah Montana has decided to shake up the holiday season with a revealing video shoot for Love's annual advent calendar. And, not surprisingly, it's already been censored.
In a 17-second film we'd like to call The Nightmare Before Christmas — sorry, Tim Burton — Cyrus is seen wearing festive reindeer antlers, a red wig, and a dark coat. Making a lewd sign with her hand, she then lifts up her coat to reveal a nude bodysuit with a penis drawn on it. It's like The Crying Game — only more disturbing.
New visitors to the site will be spared the flashing, however. The pop star's full-frontal image has been edited out of the video, and an Instagram shot of the penis bodysuit has been deleted from Love's account and replaced with one featuring a cartoon reindeer. Was the image censored, or did Cyrus have a change of heart? Did Billy Ray put his foot down? Or, did Love realize that maybe people aren't quite ready to see the girl's jingle bells just yet (or ever)?

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