Sheep Eyeballs & Rhino Horns Will Cure Your Hangover — Any Takers?

cocktailsPhotographed by Kate Cox.
Good morning, sunshine! And, how are we feeling today? What's that? A little rough? Yeah, draining a bottle of vodka on an empty stomach will do that.
The good news is that we've got some hangover cures that might help your head stop feeling like it got caught in the middle of a Hemsworth Family wrestling match. The bad news is that they involve ingesting pickled herring, sheep eyeballs, dried bull penis, ground rhino horn, or a duck embryo. Oh sorry, is that not helping your queasy stomach?
It seems that hangovers are a universal problem and each country has a unique way of tackling them, but not all of them are appealing. In Mongolia, a glass of pickled sheep eyeballs mixed with tomato juice is a popular remedy. Mexico swears by a hearty bowl of menudo — as in tripe soup, not Ricky Martin's '80s boy band.
Britain seems to have the right idea with a morning-after bacon sandwich, while the Russians drag themselves to the sauna (where, alas, they are beaten with branches). And, in Poland, a shot of brine is said to see you right.
We think we'll stick with our dose of aspirin and a greasy breakfast, but thanks anyway, World! (The Daily Beast)

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