Gap Shows Some Love For Sikh Model, Puts Racist Taggers In Their Place

Those in the fashion world know Waris Ahluwalia as a jewelry and accessory designer, party regular, occasional actor in Wes Anderson films, and a general all-around cool guy. Oh, and he also happens to be a Sikh.
Unfortunately, some racist bystanders just couldn't see past Ahluwalia's turban, and decided to tag his Make Love campaign poster for GAP (co-starring the lovely illustrator/filmmaker Quentin Jones) with offensive slurs. A poster on the downtown platform of the Buhre Avenue 6 train stop in the Bronx was scrawled with "Please stop driving taxis" and "Make bombs." Elsewhere, "Bin Laden" has been written on Ahluwalia's forehead.
Naturally, it's not just our blood that's boiling. Following outcry from the Muslim community and the public at large, the GAP has taken a pretty badass stand, showing their support by changing its Twitter and Facebook backgrounds to an image of the inspiring ad. Bravo. Why let a few seriously ignorant, bad apples ruin it for the rest? (Racked)

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