Thanks To Jennifer Lawrence, Your GIF Game Just Got Better

Some days, we wake up wondering if the Internet was made for cats; other days, we wake up thinking it was made for Jennifer Lawrence. Both have considerable dominance over the digital airwaves, but if there was a real, live Hunger Games in which J Lawr and Internet cats were both pitted as tributes, we wouldn't know who to root for. (In all likelihood, we'd plead the Fifth.)
However, if we really, really had to pick, we'd send donations by way of GIFs and see how well they were used. Luckily for us, the Catching Fire press tour yielded a considerable amount of Jennifer Lawrence reaction GIFs to use at our disposal. From her Jon Stewart appearance and napping on Letterman to her outburst at the paparazzi, there are more than enough for us to choose from. They might not stand in for Katniss' trusty bow n' arrow, but they would, at the very least, provide some humor during an actual Hunger Game. As for who would win? Well, we can't choose. Perhaps we'll know by way of who Miley Cyrus chooses to appropriate for her next performance.
In which Jennifer Lawrence spills mints everywhere.
jlawr_02GIF: Courtesy of Hunger Times.

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In which Jennifer Lawrence tried to get out of an interview because she was le tired.
jlawr_03GIF: Courtesy of Fox.
In which Jennifer Lawrence yells back at the paparazzi #justice
jlawr_01GIF: Courtesy of Jezebel.
In which Jennifer Lawrence tickle-fights Peeta Josh Hutcherson.
jlawr_04GIF: Courtesy of MTV.
In which Jennifer Lawrence's tongue tries to escape her mouth.
jlawr_05GIF: Courtesy of MTV.

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