Someone’s Turning Your Selfies Into Photos Of Nicolas Cage

feeling-cageyPHOTO: Via Feeling Cagey?.
No, it's not just your imagination — and we're pretty sure they're not making a sequel to Face/Off. There's actually a good reason why everyone's starting to look like Nicolas Cage these days. No, really.
In what may be one of the most awesome technological developments of our time, web developer Josh McMillan has created Feeling Cagey?, a program that turns your ego-massaging selfies into, um, photos of Nic Cage. To be fair, you kinda had it coming.
The livestream features Cage-ified versions of pics with the #selfie hashtag. It's a bit like the restaurant scene in Being John Malkovich, only more eyebrow-y and flaring nostril-y.
Let's just hope the Oscar winner doesn't mind seeing his mug plastered all over the web. We'd hate for him to seek revenge by, say, making a sequel to Trespass. (Time)

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