Lena Dunham’s Lizard Tee Proves That Dreams Can Come True

Hannah Horvath may never top that yellow mesh clubbing top or the sleeping bag with arm slits, but by golly, she's gonna try. While the Girls season three trailer may be low on plot reveals, it does offer a sneak peek of some of Hannah's latest sartorial moves, most notably of which is a — brace yourself — tee embellished with several green plastic lizards.
While a crop top covered in kiddie reptiles may be par for the course for Ms. Horvath and her alter ego, Lena Dunham, the shirt's inclusion is actually a major (and majorly inspiring) coup for one Etsy designer. Dunham decided to wear the top after Toy Syndrome designer Natalya Nyn worked up the nerve to show the star her designs.
“I was having lunch at Madison Square Park, and, by some amazing luck, Girls happened to be filming next to the park,” Nyn tells Fashionista. “So I see Lena by her trailer, and what the hell, I decided to approach her. She was super sweet and down to earth and loved the top. I had no idea that she would post it on her Instagram or wear it on the show! I am really lucky and grateful.”
No joke. Kudos to Dunham for supporting a young designer, and to Nyn — who's selling the "Lena" lizard tee for $45 — for having the gumption to get her work out there. Way to hustle, girl. (Fashionista)

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