This Woman Proves The Number On A Scale REALLY Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes we all get obsessed with numbers and nutrition: Did I get enough protein? Are there too many grams of sugar in this food or that beverage? And, of course, what's the number read on the scale?
And, while weight can be one of many measures to consider when taking stock of our health, it's by far a definitive measure of our level of fitness. Case in point: One Reddit user posted her progress pictures after an 11-month diet and fitness regime and, though she looks more toned and strong in the "after" picture, she weighs the exact same in both: 163 pounds.
It's a mistake to assume that all nutritional or fitness programs should make women look a "certain" way (slim and streamlined). Transformations are intensely personal, with many women preferring to build strength and muscle mass over slimming down. There are burgeoning communities of women who care about many different aspects of fitness, including more intense weight training.
Our bodies and health are much more complicated than a number on a scale or keeping track of a daily calorie count. For example, when I transitioned to a lower carb, higher (healthy) fat diet, I actually gained 10 pounds. But, that was what my body needed — I felt better, had more energy, and just generally accepted that the number going up on the scale didn't mean I was getting less healthy, necessarily.
The "lose weight" mantra has been hammered into us for so long that it's easy to forget that we can change our lives and bodies in really positive ways, all with the number on the scale staying just the same. (Reddit)

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