A DIY Macaron Kit, Because You Haven't Been French Enough Today

opmakecaron-raspPhoto: Courtesy of Mr. Macaron.
For today's sweet-tooth fix, we've tapped Mr. Macaron himself to help us recreate a delectable French confection that is simply parfait. If you've ever tried to replicate the delicate macaron cookie in your own kitchen, then you know this is one dessert that isn't a piece of cake (as they say).
But struggle no more, because Chef Francois Payard, the man who's been serving up Parisian-style macarons for decades, has delivered a simple DIY macaron kit that totally changes the game. Dubbed The MakeCaron Box, the kit includes base cookie shells and four basic ganache recipes so you can get creative and whip up your own unique treat. Satisfy your sugar cravings by picking up a box at Mr. Macaron or at Payard. And, for the final touches for your French-themed fête, pop some brie in the oven, slice up a fresh baguette, and watch your guests marvel as you serve your delicious, one-of-a-kind macarons. Bon appétit!

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