JFK Anniversary: Moving Photos From The Day's Bystanders

Even though the assassination of JFK preceded many of us, it's still something that is etched into our history and our collective consciousness. When most of us think of that tragic day exactly 50 years ago, our minds go to the iconic shot of the president in the motorcade, conspiracy theories about the grassy knoll, or the heartbreaking image of Jackie Kennedy in her bloodied suit. But, there were hundreds of bystanders who each had their own perspective of the events.
Thanks to a new exhibit at New York's International Center of Photography, we're all getting an inside look at what it was really like to bear witness to the assassination. The ICP collected news photos, snaps from the crowd, and even stills from Abraham Zapruder's famous footage. Not all of the images were taken in Dallas, but the overall effect is to give us yet another look into the tragedy We're giving you a preview to eight of the fascinating pictures, so you can reflect without trekking over to the exhibit.

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