Doritos Bread Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

This here is called Doritos Bread. Don't overthink the name. It's bread, and it's made with Doritos.
Andy Rapoport, proprietor of hot-buttered-rum maker HBR, provided the recipe to Bon Appétit. The "preposterous recipe" was born "of the desire to create something juxtaposing man’s most basic sustenance" with what he calls our most heavily processed foods. (Hot dogs might take the cake there, actually.) What makes this recipe all the more ironic is the fact that you combine a wild-yeast starter, which can take more than a week to mature, with convenience food.
It's hardly the first recipe of its kind, though. The highbrow-meets-lowbrow, processed-meets-handmade trend is just as apparent in Momofuku Milk Bar's candy-bar pie (made from scratch in order to resemble a giant Take 5), bacon ice cream, or even the cult-ish Cronut. That doesn't necessarily make it bad, nor does it automatically make it good.
Delicious or disgusting? You decide. (Bon Appétit)

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