Harry Potter As Told By Wes Anderson Unites Your Two Obsessions

hphpPhoto: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
What a day, children. We have had all our nostalgic obsessions dragged out of the past and thrown together in a flurry of wondrousness. It happened with Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, now it's happening with Wes Anderson's Rushmore and Harry Potter. The Huffington Post has a whole roundup of other Anderson-inspired parodies, but this one is our favorite.
On paper, these two films don't have much in common. Harry is certainly an underdog, but he doesn't quite have Max Fischer's eccentricity/penchant for hats. They do, however, both wear glasses. And, when the lens of Anderson's breakout production is applied to this mega blockbuster, it turns out the two films jive pretty well. Potter purists might actually find this somewhat of a relief. The movies, for readers, could be frustrating in their dramatic choices and plot changes. Maybe a little Anderson whimsy is precisely what they needed?

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