Taran Killam’s Sperm Donation Experience Was “Horrible”

taranPhoto: Courtesy NBC / YouTube.
Unlike his character in the new film Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn has not donated sperm. His co-star's husband has, however, and lived to tell the tale. Saturday Night Live cast member Taran Killam — whose wife, Cobie Smulders, plays Vaughn’s girlfriend in the film — told Vulture that freezing embryos with Smulders was "a horrible experience."
"There’s nothing sexy about a sperm donation, there’s nothing," he said. "All of the, uh, working materials are at least 15 to 20 years old, and the only thought you have in your head is, How many other mens’ bare asses have touched this brown leather chair?"
Well, you also run that risk in just about every single public bathroom. Masturbating into a cup is probably pretty awkward — unless you're into that, in which case, lucky you — but you can hardly complain that the porn isn't contemporary enough or the experience not seductive enough, in a medical setting. Can you imagine the Yelp reviews? "I was expecting it to be easy, but found it very difficult to masturbate in this doctor's office. Thumbs down." (Vulture)

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