Lady Gaga On SNL — She Woke Up With Kimye

Lady Gaga added another personality to her extensive oeuvre last night: Karen, an Apple Genius Bar employee. Karen is your typical Apple gal, wearing the cobalt T-shirt, some plaid button-up, and a plastic name tag. She's also, apparently, on Kanye West's speed dial, as she was called in to help fix Kim Kardashian's MacBook Air on SNL's faux morning show, Waking Up With Kimye.
For the most part, Lady Gaga's first-ever hosting gig was a success. She played into some self-deprecating humor ("I think people who try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something") while parading around stage singing, gyrating, and being an all-around pop goddess. Her opening monologue was appropriately sung, poking fun at her incessant need for applause, and, well, brought a much-needed level of camp to the show.
Her first musical performance was with R. Kelly. And, the two got a lil' naughty to a song about getting naughty, the second single off ARTPOP, "Do What U Want." This number and her performance of "Gypsy" were the show's best moments (or, at least Gaga's).
The singer did, however, earn a little acting credibility with the summer-camp skit that had her playing multiple, enthusiastic campers. Perhaps this wasn't even acting. Maybe, it was just Gaga reenacting her days as a theater kid.
Oh, and the Blockbuster skit was an A+ effort all-around. Although we're not sure if we were laughing at Gaga or the sheer idea of Blockbuster vying for relevancy.

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