Harry Styles' Sister Is Pretty Freakin' Gorgeous

With all due respect to Harry Styles, we can't imagine it would be very easy to have him as a little brother. Having your girlfriends dissolve into tears and/or screams when they see him, pounding on his bedroom door to beg him, for the millionth time, to please stop playing "Na Na Na," fighting over hair products? No thanks.
That said, life seems to be treating Gemma Styles pretty well. The 22-year-old blonde graduated with a first-class honors degree in Science Education from Sheffield Hallam University yesterday, and little bro Harry was there to cheer her on (okay, and maybe pick up a few numbers).
"My sister graduated today," tweeted Harry, who also proudly posed with his sister in her cap and gown. "She's all clever and that."
And, cute to boot. Clearly, the Styles fam has some great genes. With her golden locks and lovely, big brown eyes, Gemma's no doubt as much of a heartbreaker as her kid brother, who reportedly has a tattoo of his sister's name translated into Hebrew.
Okay, stop it with the mushiness, you two. Doesn't anyone give their siblings wedgies anymore? (Crushable)

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