Depressing Poll Shows Americans Still Prefer Working For Men

gallupembedPhoto: Courtesy of Gallup.
Great news, ladies! A relatively impressive 23% of Americans would rather have you as their boss than a man. Break out the Champagne and streamers. And, for those of you who think that 23% doesn't seem staggering at all, consider that's the highest it's been since 1953.
For 60 years, Gallup has been asking Americans whether they'd prefer a male or female boss, regardless of their employment status or work history. In 1953, 66% of Americans wanted to work for a man, but just 5% for a woman. That gap has narrowed, clearly, while the percentage of people who don't give a damn either way has risen, too.
This isn't just progressive politics at work. Gallup reports that 54% of Americans currently work for a man and 30% for a woman. The people who already have a female boss are as likely to prefer working for a woman as working for a man. So, there might be something to be said about the actual experience of working for a woman influencing one's own beliefs.
Interestingly, however, are the people who prefer working for a man. Both men and women make up this group, with women being more likely to have a preference than not. Democrats essentially break even in their preferences, while few Republicans want to work for a woman: Only 16% prefer a female boss, compared to 40% who prefer a male and 42% who have no preference.
One small step? (Gallup)

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