Adele x Celine Dion Would Be The World’s Greatest Duet

adelecelinePhotos: Courtesy of Columbia Records.
Sure, Adele has previously accused Celine Dion of stealing her songs. But, that doesn't stop Queen D from loving the British icon. In a recent interview with MetroNews Canada to promote her new album, Love Me Back to Life, Dion said she's actually a huge fan.
"She has an influence on my life. Period. I love her," Dion said, in a sentence that sounds oddly similar to things we may have said in tipsy moments. "I’m taking hot tea every day and I’m hoping she’s going to pop up and have tea with me," Dion insists. Unfortunately, all that tea and international stardom haven't given her the confidence to actually ask Ms. Adkins. Apparently, that would be in bad taste: "If I see her, I would be star-struck and tell her that I’m her number one fan. Every soundtrack that I do, I find ways to sing her songs through my warm-up but I wouldn’t be so tacky as to ask her to sing with me."
Well, first of all, Celine, if you need a tea partner, please do call immediately. But, second of all, wouldn't that be the most legendary duet of all time? Just imagine it — thousands of screaming fans marvel at the bright lights of Caesar's Palace, dizzy and nearly dumb from the immensely loud, belting voices assaulting their ears with sweet, sweet music. Yeah, we'd go deaf for that. (Perez Hilton)

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