Et Tu, Boo? Our Favorite Pomeranian Teams Up With Crocs

There are certain things we can always get behind: open bars, Law & Order marathons on a rainy day, and dogs wearing people clothes.
Yep — even the much-maligned Crocs look darn irresistible when modeled by none other than the world's cutest Pomeranian, Boo. In addition to making our hearts burst every time we see his precious little face, the Internet celeb pooch has inspired two Jibbitz shoe charms (yours for just $2.95 a pop!) that are just waiting to be slipped over a pair of rubber clogs. Well played, Crocs.
We can't blame Boo for cashing in — something's gotta pay for those grooming bills — but we're not sure how we feel about Crocs tapping our favorite Inter-pets to sell shoes. For the record, Gucci Cat: Clogs totally don't go with tights. (Glamour)

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