Portia De Rossi On Coming Out & Taking The DeGeneres Name

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have undoubtedly been a huge part of mainstream culture's acceptance of gay icons. Though, honestly, "acceptance" might not be the word we'd use to describe our feelings about the pair — fan-girling is really more like it. But, how did it all begin? Portia de Rossi (or rather, Portia DeGeneres) gave some brief insight into the matter during a panel interview with the Arrested Development cast for Inside The Actor's Studio.
Portia had openly dated women before she met and married our dear Ellen. But, she says it was when stepping out with her now-wife at the Golden Globes that she first really, truly felt out of the closet, in the public eye. It was obviously a bit nerve-racking. At the time, they'd been together for only a month! As we all know, though, it turned out for the best, and this beloved couple has since become one of the most well-known romances in Hollywood. Thank goodness for that! (After Ellen)

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