Emma Stone Turns 25, We Celebrate With This Hilarious Clip

Emma Stone, today is your day. The affable star officially turned the big 2-5, which, frankly, we can't believe. Maybe it's her outgoing personality or dry wit, but she seems wise beyond her years. If we had our way, we'd be marking her day of birth with a slumber party, braiding each other's hair, and eating cookie dough straight from the tube. But, she hasn't returned our calls.
Instead, we decided to mark the occasion by digging up one of the actress' old cameos. Way back in 2006, a baby-faced Stone showed up on an episode of Lucky Louie, the short-lived comedy from Louis C.K. She played a hilariously angsty teen babysitter with a penchant for creepy, old men and sexual favors. She may be wearing a Snoopy sweatshirt, but she's still as snarky as ever. Watch the clip below for a walk down memory lane and to remember why we love the birthday girl in the first place.

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