Does Gloucestershire Have A Werewolf Problem? Just Asking.

gloucestershire-werewolfPHOTO: VIA WOLFKILL PRODUCTIONS.
We've all heard of An American Werewolf in London, but it seems something supernatural is happening in Gloucestershire as well. According to the English county's local paper, area police have been hit with several emergency calls reporting — shudder — sightings of witches, werewolves, and wizards. And, apparently, they're not the likable Harry Potter kind.
Among the complaints received over the past three years is one from a Cheltenham man who accused a taxi driver of transforming into a werewolf — and hitting on his wife. A report of a "pile of stones in shapes of human shape" found in the Forest of Dean aroused suspicion of witchery, as did a complaint from a Stroud local who phoned police to say a "coven of witches" were controlling a satellite over his home and poisoning him.
Elsewhere, a woman accused her ex-boyfriend of witchcraft (we've all been there) and a young boy turned himself in as a wizard. According to sources, the calls — which were revealed through a Freedom of Information request — were not Halloween-related.
While it seems that the haunted residents are happy to call the police for help, a local supernatural society has volunteered to step up their investigations in the area. (No word on whether they wear matching jumpsuits and drive around in a converted ambulance.)
Okay, so this could easily be a belated-Halloween hoax, but really, what is going on here? We put in a call to the Gloucestershire Constabulary to confirm these reports, but have yet to receive an official statement. We will, obviously, keep you posted of any Teen Wolf sightings.

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