How To Make Your Résumé Awesome…Because Nobody’s Reading It

Ever wondered why you didn't even get an interview for that dream job? Well, a research study by career site TheLadders reveals recruiters spend a scant six seconds browsing your credentials before deciding whether you fit the role or not. Just six seconds to impress? Wow.
Over a 10-week period, researchers employed a technique known as “eye tracking” to record the eye movement of 30 professional recruiters as they sifted through several résumés. The tracking measured how long each recruiter spent looking at different parts of a CV, and the findings were pretty intriguing to say the least.
In those six precious seconds, potential employers look at your name, current job title and company, current position start and end dates, previous job title and company, plus previous position start and end dates, and education. It seems like a lot to pack into six seconds, but it could mean the difference between a meager and a mega salary.
With this information in mind, what are the dos and don’ts for résumé writing? According to leading job site Monster, the biggest mistake of all is sloppiness. Proofreading is a must, as is a clear and concise layout for maximum visual impact. Jobsite suggests using a standard word template, with a font size no smaller than 11, and plenty of white space for a “clean look.”
Got any winning tips that helped you bag the perfect job? Share them in the comments section below. (World Observer)
CVPhoto: Via World Observer.

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