Twilight Blooper Reel Is Better Than Twilight Itself

Guilty pleasure it may be, but the Twilight franchise is not something we're willing to spend too much time thinking about now that the hype is over. After all, we've got Hunger Games trailers to worry about, people! But, we'd be lying if we said our interest wasn't piqued by this video of little mistakes on set. It's a brief but tantalizing sneak peek at the blooper real to be included in the upcoming DVD box set. The aptly named Breaking Character is in stores later this month, and includes clips from all five movies. It's hard to imagine what went into the making of such high-budget movies, with endless stunts and CGI. For now, though, we can confirm that quite a bit of giggling went on. Oh, and for the record, Kristen Stewart is clearly the boss of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Considering how Serious with a capital S the movies were, it's a huge breath of fresh air to remember that real humans with the ability to make jokes were involved. (Hypable)

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