Partial Solar Eclipse Will Make Tomorrow's Sunrise Extra Awesome

solarembedPhoto: Courtesy of NASA.
Your Sunday morning will already be affected by the strange custom we call daylight savings, ostensibly giving us all an extra hour of sleep. But, there's a reason to wake up early, though: a partial solar eclipse. According to the Boston Globe, people on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. should be able to see tomorrow "a weird, upside-down thick crescent with, as seen from New England, a big bite missing from its lower right." (If you happen to be in a thin corridor of the Northern Atlantic near equatorial Africa, however, the eclipse will be total.) You can thank the new moon, which begins its new monthly circuit around the sky tomorrow. The moon's silhouette will block out part of the sun, but only briefly. The sun will lose its bite after less than an hour in the sky.
Check your sunrise time here. Most importantly, don't forget to protect your eyes and view the eclipse through a solar filter. Enjoy! (Boston Globe)

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