Apple’s New iPad Air Is Here!

ipad+air-335-1Photo: Via Apple
We have to admit, we were left pretty starry-eyed after Apple announced the razor-thin, speedier iPad Air. Full of shiny-new bits and features, it just might be the coolest tablet Apple’s come up with yet. Lucky for us, as of today, we can swing on over to our local store (or online) and scoop one up. That's right, Apple released the gadget today, in 42 countries.
While the scene seems pretty heated in some countries like Australia and Japan (tech websites are documenting expansive lines and fans chomping at the bit), here in the Bay, it seemed to have a more muted welcome, with only a handful of people lined up. Are we jaded? We're scratching our heads at that one.
Maybe it's because of the expensive price tag. While the iPad Air is readily available for purchase, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny — ranging anywhere from $499 to $929. And, in case you’re holding out for the iPad Mini, the newest iteration will launch later this month. For now: Will you be getting your mitts on the new iPad Air? Do tell. (USA Today)

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