This Talking Porcupine Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Look out, all you adorable kids in Halloween costumes. Sure, you look pretty rad dressed up as tiny Grace Coddington or mini Lady Gaga, but you cannot compete with Teddy Bear, the talking porcupine, in the eternal struggle for cuteness.
Before you think we're cold or cruel ("Something cuter than a wee Grace Coddington? Impossible!"), just watch this video of an exuberant Teddy Bear chowing down on a baby pumpkin. We're not even going to overthink this example of pure, unbridled appreciation for one of the season's greatest treats. Instead, we're just going to sit back, watch Teddy Bear enjoy his snack — he's feeling so many feelings right now! — and try to remember the last time we were this effusive about something. (Okay, we did kind of lose our cool over some really good tortellini recently, but it probably wasn't as cute a scene as this.) (YouTube)
Without further ado, we present Teddy Bear and his delicious pumpkin:

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