Kim K Gave Us The Finger, We Took It Like Champs

Remember Kim K's sexy lil' selfie from (exactly) two weeks ago? Well, according to the shutterbug herself, it was a "big middle finger to the world, on everyone who called me fat." You go, girl! A well-timed selfie does the mind — and body — good.
Kardashian West (as she will soon be known as) sat down with Jay Leno and divulged the, er, dirty secrets behind the now infamous Instagram pic. Kim snapped, Kanye approved, and the photo became the modern day shot heard around the world. Chatting with Leno, Kardashian explained how bullied she felt by the media during her pregnancy. She gained 50 lbs. and swelled due to preeclampsia, a medical condition that causes high blood pressure and protein levels in expecting women. And, as she retreated from the spotlight to protect her "soul," she learned the importance of being private.
It might come as a shock, but she plans on continuing to dodge the tabloids. The woman whose bread and butter lies in making headlines is leaving them behind in order to focus on her family — and we're happy for her. The Kardashian below is poised, confident, and genuinely happy. She's turning a new leaf, and this just might be the one interview to make believers out of the doubters, or, at the very least, supporters. (PopSugar)

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