Diet Secrets From Around The World

It's well known that Americans tend to be heavier than people from other cultures. And there are myriad reasons for why we tip the scales — exercise habits, fast-food consumption, soda drinking, etc. So, what are the secrets of our more svelte international friends? And, what can we learn from their eating habits to help slim down?
The Huffington Post put together a handy list of seven cultures whose cuisines capitalize on some secret forces to help prevent overeating. From the red-hot chili peppers of Thai food to the fresh-vegetable obsession of the French, there's a lot to be learned from other cultures on how to eat smarter and healthier.
For example, in Japan, meals are traditionally served using small, colorful dishes. Our brains are tricked into thinking we've eaten more if we dine from small plates loaded with tasty nibbles rather than a huge one with the same amount of food. Ready to learn from the collective wisdom of many culinary traditions? Click through to see the whole list — proof that healthy eating can be flavorful and delicious. (The Huffington Post)

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