10 Onscreen Couples That Would NEVER Work IRL

Full disclosure: We really don't mean to be Debbie Downers here. At heart, we're complete romantics. We're always fighting for the guy to get the girl — or the girl to get the guy. Well, almost always.
Maybe it's the fact that we've become dispassionate New Yorkers, but in some situations, it's just hard not to be cynical. Sure, movies and TV get to live in a magical land where rules and circumstances don't always matter, but some onscreen relationships are just too magical for us to fathom.
So, it's not that we don't gush over the idea of meeting our true love on top of the Empire State Building, but doing so with a complete stranger who has essentially become a long-distance stalker? Maybe we're just a bit too traditional, but here they are — the ten onscreen couples that would never, ever make it in the real world.

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