An Ode To The Happiest Tap-Dancing 4-Year-Old Ever

There's dancing to the beat of your own drum, and there's doing what the incredible little girl does in this laugh-until-you-cry video. While the rest of her class is admirably trying to stick to the routine — attempting to color within the metaphorical lines, as it were — our new imaginary best friend is, instead, stealing the show with her killer moves and commanding presence.
We're not sure what our favorite part is. When she begins lifting up the flounce of her dress to show off her leotard? Her total disregard for the choreography? Or, the part where she tries to get her fellow dancers to step up their game? Yes, it's definitely amazing when she turns to the girl on her left and starts dancing directly at her, as if to challenge her to get in on the fun.
We could all take a lesson from this little badass: If the music feels good, and you want to move your feet and sing along — why not?

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