Dancing With Prince Charles Is Better Than Sex & Other Revelations

Allow us a little Saturday flight of fancy. If we were to choose anyone in the world the dance with, it would most probably be Prince, or perhaps Keanu Reeves, depending on the music choice. But, we're fairly certain it wouldn't be his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. That's why we were thoroughly puzzled by a recent feature in Time about Prince Charles, which included a quote from actress Emma Thompson describing dancing with the future king as, "better than sex." Say, what!? Who knew HRH was such a hotstepper?
The story reveals a softer, more paternal side to Prince Charles than is normally seen at press engagements and charity fundraisers. Family is everything to him. Speaking proudly of his first grandson, he describes him as, "What it is all about."
What it is not all about is eggs. In 2007, political broadcaster Jeremy Paxman wrote a book, On Royalty, which claimed the heir apparent had seven eggs prepared for him every morning and each egg was cooked to a slightly different consistency. The Prince cried foul (sorry, we couldn't help it) and formally acknowledged the absurdity of this claim with a written response on his website. Also untrue? He doesn't have his footman to squeeze toothpaste onto his toothbrush, either. Click through to read the entire feature, and if you are a little intrigued (as we are) about Prince Charles' dancing skills check out the video below. Looks like the man's got rhythm. (Time)

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