Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Her Happily Ever After

Little sisters always have a tough time snagging the spotlight from their older siblings — especially when that aforementioned big sis happens to be Britney Spears. But, Jamie Lynn Spears, former Nickelodeon tween star and aspiring country singer, had a particularly harsh run-in with the limelight back in 2007, when she announced she was pregnant at 16.
The Zoey 101 star was met with a media firestorm that included outrage from parenting groups and nasty tabloid covers. Add to that her own guilt (she told Glamour she felt she misled her fans), and — poof! — she disappeared from the public eye. Fast-forward to 2013, now 21, Spears has an Instagram account full of pictures of her adorable daughter, her fiance, and her life as a happy, fulfilled mom. And no, there aren't any behind-the-scenes snaps with her big sister, because this is all about her — as it should be. (Us Weekly)
jlmainPhoto: Via Instagram.

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