Wake Up! Tips To Fight Your Sleepiness — And Win

What is it about cold, dark, wintry mornings that makes starting the day so difficult? If getting up when it's still pitch black out really isn’t your thing, these top tips from The Huffington Post will help make your morning brighter.
First up: sleeping habits. According to expert John Bramm, small tweaks to our a.m. habits could help us rise and shine without too much fuss. And, his advice for kick starting the day? Invest in a body clock or dawn simulator alarm clock. These handy timekeepers wake you with a gradually brightening light effect. Bramm explains, “Waking up to 'natural' light can ease you into those dark mornings, rather than being jolted aloud by a sharp electronic noise.” Sounds like an opportune moment to ditch that foghorn masquerading as a timepiece by our bed.
Next on the list: our caffeine habit. If you, too, are a self-confessed stickler for a steamy soy latte first thing, then this next tip might be a tricky one. Bramm suggests limiting caffeine intake as “many of us are victims of 'having to have' a cup of coffee to help us feel alert. Caffeine dependency can actually inhibit its effectiveness, making you either feel groggy or encouraging you to imbibe more.” Really? Hmm, we're still sipping our first cup of Joe of the day, we may have to get back to you on that one.
Click through to view all of Bramm’s wonder tips, and let us know in the comment section below if you have any ingenious tips to help you dragging yourself out of bed in the morning. (The Huffington Post)

Photo: Via The Huffington Post.


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