Katie Holmes' First Tweets Are Adorable

You can learn a lot about a person from a Twitter feed. And, you can learn even more from his or her very first tweets. Call it an R29 experiment, but we're all about reading into a celebrity's online presence. Which is why we were anything but surprised to see Katie Holmes' tweets. The actress just joined the social-networking site, and she is all kinds of enthused.
Her first announcement post alluded to the fun she's having on the set of The Giver, which she's been filming in South Africa. She costars with some seriously amazing actors, including none other than Miss Meryl Streep. Holmes' second tweet was an adorable picture of the cast doing some group bonding — with even Jeff Bridges and Taylor Swift getting in on the fun. It's great to keep tabs on a movie that we've been so excited about, so here's hoping she shares even more behind-the-scenes goodies. You can bet we'll be stalking following Katie from now on. (People)

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