Jamie Dornan Confirmed As Sex Master Christian Grey In Fifty Shades

Jamie Dornan 6Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein
Well, it seems like the search for Christian Grey has ended. Irish model and professional underwear-wearer Jamie Dornan has picked up the role that Sons of Anarchy beefcake Charlie Hunnam left behind. The Irishman has just been announced as the star of the film based on the hit book, a project that is hoping to quickly end its continued controversy.
A couple of fun Dornan facts: He used to date Keira Knightly, but he got married earlier this year...which is a bummer for anyone hoping for an on-screen romance. He might be most notable for being in eight episodes of ABC's Once Upon A Time and starring alongside Gillian Anderson in The Fall. He also appeared in a movie we have regrettably not seen called Beyond The Rave, which is apparently the best type of movie currently being made today, the rave-horror mashup.
Two things of note: Though he might not get to show it off in the film, there might not be an accent quite as alluring as the Northern Irish lilt, and we would like to take this opportunity to put on record our most fervent wish that the writers do not cut a single instance of the appearance of the phrase "inner goddess." (People)

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