Did David Beckham Play The Fame Game?

Last week in the U.K., Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager to world-famous football club Manchester United, released his highly anticipated autobiography. In the press conference to promote the book, the notoriously volatile manager unleashed a volley of candid insights from a career that spanned multiple decades. And, the most shocking claim? David Beckham didn't fulfill his potential as a footballer because of his romance with a certain Miss Victoria Adams.
According to Vogue, Ferguson said Beckham was like a "son" to him until he set his gaze on Posh Spice. "Everything changed when he fell in love," the former manager stated, claiming the footballer took a different path after the two met. And, that road led to fame, the L.A. Galaxy, and all that goes with them.
Ferguson, however, ultimately concedes — well, sort of: "From one perspective, it would be churlish of me to say he made the wrong decision, in the sense that he's a very wealthy man. He's become an icon. People react to his style changes. [But] at some point in his life, he may feel the urge to say, I made a mistake." Hmm, it's certainly a tough call. So, did David Beckham choose this path for stardom alone, or did he map out the career — and life — he wanted rather than follow the dreams his manager had for him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. (Vogue)
DBPhoto: Via Vogue.

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