Carine Roitfeld Compares Kim Kardashian To Marilyn Monroe

kim0Photo: Courtesy of CR Fashion Book.
Carine Roitfeld has spoken: Kim Kardashian is here to stay, whether the rest of the world agrees or not. Speaking with Time Out London, Roitfeld had nothing but praise for the new mom and fiancée to Kanye West.
"First of all she’s beautiful — and in fashion, that is a talent you know." Roitfeld went on to divulge some secrets from the Lagerfeld photo shoot for the third issue of CR Fashion Book that had a very pregnant Kim don a Margiela face mask. "She was the easiest model we’ve had. And, when we put a mask on her face, she didn’t say anything." Or, perhaps she did, but the mask muffled the noise.
With Roitfeld's acceptance of the personality and West's very public adoration, Kardashian is shedding the tabloid skin that polarized audiences. "She's controversial," Roitfeld said, "but so was Marilyn Monroe." Well, we can't argue with that. Let's just hope the seven-year itch remains a Hollywood story and not a breaking headline. (Daily Mail)

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