Jennifer Lawrence's Elle France Cover Is A Throwback To A&F Days

1Photo: Courtesy of Elle France.
If you didn't realize Jennifer Lawrence got her start as an Abercrombie & Fitch model, get ready to have your mind blown. She posed for the American retailer back in 2006, but luckily for us super fans, she quickly got her big break in the acting world. But, now she's channeling the ol' A&F, East Coast vibe for one of her more high-profile modeling gigs. JLawr graces the October cover of Elle France looking all kinds of beautiful, and she's even rocking the sexy pout.
You might be wondering what the exact connection is between the high-fashion 'zine and the teen clothing brand. Both are major proponents of the fresh-faced look. The starlet really knows how to work it with natural makeup and wild hair, and we have to imagine she learned a thing or two from her Abercrombie days. Of course, this recent Elle turn, shot by Emma Summerton, offered a little more in the realm of designer duds — Lawrence is decked out in head-to-toe Christian Dior. Talking about moving up in the world. (Huffington Post)

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