Gavin McInnes’s Anti-Women Rant Is Still Making Us Mad

So, we know there are a lot of close-minded people out there who are bent on holding back pretty much anyone they can. Most of the time, the best action is to simply ignore these naysayers — and, of course, prove them wrong with our actions. But, we need to get this specific grievance off our chests. Earlier this week during a HuffPost Live discussion about the contemporary meaning of masculinity, ex-Vice founder Gavin McInnes launched into an expletive-laden diatribe about women in the workplace that included him calling a female panelist a "f*cking idiot."
The panel was debating the changing definition of what it is to be a man, when McInnes brought up males' "innate toughness" and began going off about women not actually wanting power the way that men do. "Women are forced to pretend to be men," said McInnes. "They're feigning this toughness. They're miserable. Study after study has shown that feminism has made women less happy. They're not happy in the workforce, for the most part. I would guess seven percent [of women] like not having kids, they want to be CEOs, they like staying all night at the office working on a proposal, and all power to them. But, by enforcing that as the norm, you're pulling these women away from what they naturally want to do, and you're making them miserable."
It's a lot to take in, obviously, but his fellow panelists did their best to push back against his backwards comments. McInnes refused to let up, eventually attacking the "fortysomething women" he believes abandon their quest for a career to search out ways to have children late in life. It all sounds like something out of a bad dream, right? It might be easy to assume that this is just a guy bent on controversy, who is lashing out to garner press. Unfortunately, McInnes has a history of indulging in offensive opinions — there is a reason he left Vice, after all. We don't want to waste too much time on these ridiculous misogynistic views, but it's important to acknowledge that there are men in the world who are obsessed with keeping us down. Watch the entire panel below, and let us know your reactions in the comments. (Huffington Post)

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