The Friday Night Lights Cast Reunited, Our Invite Was Lost In Mail

We have been pretty vocal about our habit of keeping track of celebrities through their Instagram feeds. Seriously, what better way to wile away time in line for your morning coffee than by checking out what your favorite star did over the weekend? Usually we spend equal parts being jealous of their vacations, commenting on those selfie skills, and then, miraculously, we move on. But, we just can't get over Scott Porter's latest #sundayfunday post.
This weekend, the Friday Night Lights cast reunited...and didn't invite us. But, they did provide this amazing picture for us to relish, of Porter, Matt Lauria, Gaius Charles, Zach Gilford, and Kevin Rankin enjoying a casual weekend gathering. Seriously, doesn't it look like they just finished tossing the ball and reliving those glorious Dillion Panther days (well, except Herc — he was probably just commenting from the sidelines).
But, we have to wonder how they could get together without Tim Riggins or Mrs. Coach. That aside, it does warm our heart to think these boys could be friends in real life. And, it almost makes us forgive Kyle Chandler for refusing to participate in a FNL movie. At least this picture proves that some part of Texas is forever.

Photo: via @skittishkid.

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