Azealia Banks Finally Released Her Music Video For “ATM Jam”

Azealia Banks has been here, there, and back again with her first official LP, Broke With Expensive Taste. And, we're happy to report that the second single off the forthcoming album, "ATM Jam," finally has a visual component for it.
Banks' festival circuit tours have infused her aesthetic with super-saturated hues, Day-Glo, and heavy bass sounds. She's still rocking the mermaid weave, but as for her sound? It's definitely less aggressive than "212," and more "Liquorice"-meets-euro-pop. Banks raps of raking in wads of cash over a Pharrell-produced beat. She might spit that she's un-phased by all the dough, but the video begs to differ. Chic minimalistic designed homes with a pool overlooking the Hills isn't exactly the most humble of settings, but we'll look past that since we're so thrilled she's producing more work.
BWET has been on the back burner for over a year, and new material hasn't been received as expected from the former Lagerfeld-endorsed wunderkind. Hopefully this video will be just the trick to shoot Banks back to the charts. And, with a second mixtape in the works for next year, we're bracing ourselves for the long-awaited second coming of Azealia.

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