Beyoncé Goes Bungee Jumping Like A Bawse

Leave it to Beyoncé to turn her trip to New Zealand into the most envy-worthy jaunt of all time. Though, if we're going to be honest, we're jealous of the singer pretty much all the time, whether she's vacationing in Cuba or just grabbing a slice down the street. Bey's been touring around Kiwi Land for a few days now, and it seems she's hitting all the must-dos, including taking advantage of the country's thriving adventure sport industry. New Zealand is the place for thrill-seekers, and many tourists end up completing all kinds of terrifying feats — including scaling tall buildings and swinging between mountains.
So, it was only natural for Mrs. Jay Z to take on the infamous Auckland Sky Tower free fall and document the ordeal feat via Instagram. She, along with an unnamed lady friend, struck a fierce pose before executing what we assume was the perfect swan dive off the top of the building. We don't want to put words in her mouth, but the singer sure looks a whole calmer than we would be before an epic bungee jump. But, that's just part of the Beyoncé magic.

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