What Does Your Region's Personality Say About You?

regional-personalitiesPhoto: Courtesy of Fast Coexist.
There are a number of ways to describe where you live. Take the climate, the geography, or the number of subway stops until you arrive at the nearest J. Crew. But, what about the overall personality of the surrounding population? Generally, are people chill? Uptight? Super outgoing, or more introverted?
It turns out that there are regional personality patterns that correspond to different places. A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by researcher Jason Rentfrow at the University of Cambridge found that the U.S. can be divided up into three distinct personality regions. They are, loosely, "Friendly & Conventional," which extends across the midwest into the south; "Relaxed & Creative," which is made up mostly of western states; and "Temperamental & Uninhibited," which includes the northeast, and, surprisingly, Texas.
For those in the midwest and south, the friendly and conventional personality type is characterized as "sociable, considerate, dutiful, and traditional." Relaxed and creative region people — in the western part of the country — value "open-mindedness, tolerance, individualism, and happiness." On the other side, temperamental and uninhibited north easterners (and lest we forget, the Texans) are "reserved, aloof, impulsive, irritable, and inquisitive."
These are obviously gross generalizations, but it is interesting to think about how certain personality stereotypes prevail in different places — and how there may be more than a grain of truth to contemplate. "This analysis challenges the standard methods of dividing up the country," said Rentfrow. "At the same time, it reinforces some of the traditional beliefs that some areas of the country are friendlier than others, while some are more creative."
What do you think? Is Rentfrow's assessment of your region's personality accurate? Give us your take in the comments. (Fast Coexist)

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