Deep Sea Internet Could Really Be A Thing

mainPhotographed by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
The Internet may feel like it’s accessible all over the planet (it’s called the World Wide Web, after all), but there’s one giant chunk on our globe that’s missing out on exploring cyberspace. However, not for much longer! Soon, the seven seas will start to be able to log on thanks to researchers over at the University of Buffalo, who are testing a system for “deep sea internet,” which gives a whole new meaning to surfing the web.
What does ocean access to the Internet mean for us? For starters, we’d be better protected from tsunamis since it would serve as an environmental monitor and will provide speedier notification that one is on the way. Oil extraction warnings and government surveillance would also be available — in other words, drug smugglers will start to be treading in some pretty murky water.
No word yet on when we can expect deep sea internet to take effect, but Ph.D students are already testing the system in Lake Erie, so progress is already making waves. (Fast Co Exist)

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