This Is What Life Was Like Before Smartphones

mainPhotographed by Ashley Batz
Our smartphones have spoiled us so silly, it’s tough to remember what life was like before being constantly glued to the glow of their screens. And, perhaps the biggest convenience they’ve contributed to date is the cure for boredom, especially when it comes to waiting around.
In line for food? A glance at Instagram will do the trick! Bored on the bus? A round of Words With Friends can fix that. These days it seems no one chills out sans a device. But, do you ever wonder what people did prior to this? Well, HuffPo has a list of things you might have been found doing, pre iPhone era. From conversation with a stranger to reading the newspaper to smiling awkwardly, here is a funny list of (all true) scenarios. Get ready to giggle and release a big fat sigh of nostalgia.