“What The Fox Say” Hits American TV With A Bang

In a perfect example of the Internet's power to deliver those infamous fifteen minutes of fame, Ylvis — the Norwegian comedy troupe who penned the amazingly catchy "What The Fox Say" — appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night. Though Kanye's appearance on Kimmel may have overshadowed said comedians, it's still a fine excuse to listen to their song, yet again. The Roots lent some excellent spice to the situation, though admittedly, some of the song's outlandishness was lost without a woodland setting.
Of course, Ylvis was already plenty famous in their own right back home, but their song has exploded across the globe over the last few weeks. And, we have a feeling that its viral potential knows no bounds — it could have been written and performed by a blind kitten with one leg living in a remote corner of Northern Canada and it still would've made it to Fallon's stage. Actually, who are we kidding? Being a blind kitten with one leg and an amazing singing voice is a straight shot to fame.

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